For the first time in recorded history, the Children's Bill of Rights.

1. You have the right to be safe from predators and violent abusers. If you have been sexually or physically abused, I apologize on behalf of our sick planet. It is absolutely not your fault, and we are all responsible for what happened. Sexual abuse is the worst thing because it leaves no obvious scar, and often creates a society of enablers who keep the secret. Physical abuse is accepted in so many communities as a way to “discipline” a child with the same total lack of respect and conscience that they were shown as children. What they are really doing is creating angry, violent, unhappy people just like them. You must somehow find a way to escape and then rise above the cycle of abuse.

1a. You have the right to be safe before birth. You should not be exposed to drugs, alcohol, pollutants, or high levels of stress in the womb.

1b. You have the right to your foreskin or clitoris. Ritual genital mutilation, or “circumcision”, is a vicious practice designed to inflict sexual, physical and emotional abuse on a helpless infant.

2. You have the right to be respected by your parents or any adult caretaker. You should never be verbally abused. If you are being verbally or emotionally abused, then you must remember that the person is acting out their own childhood abuse on you, and try to educate them about cycles of abuse if possible. Try and focus your pain and rage into some kind of achievement, rather than taking it out on others.

3. You have the right to know about cycles of abuse in your family and on this planet. If every person in the world became aware of the cycles of abuse in their own families, that awareness would soon grow to their entire community and beyond. The vast majority of people on this planet are in deep denial about everything. Many things are not appropriate to tell much less show a child and yet you've been exposed to them anyway.

4. You have the right to clean air, water, and food. There is none at this time, every drop of water on earth is now polluted to some extent. However, your access to relatively clean air, water and food will determine your quality of life.

5. You have the right to be drug and cancer free. Research shows that almost universally, babies are born infested with over 200 industrial chemicals, and those are only the ones that can be tested for. Drugs are sold and promoted in every level of society, and you will be under great pressure to take them.

6. You have the right to live in nature. Humans cannot flourish in a technological environment.

7. You have the right to a culture that nurtures you. Modern mainstream culture/religion promotes and glamorizes the cycles of abuse.

8. You have the right to a well rounded education that emphasizes your strengths and teaches you to be independent. You have the right to a future occupation which does not perpetuate the cycles of abuse. You have the right to learn about psychology and self defense. State schools are run as factories, and you will be encountering extremely abused children with every type of mental disorder there.

9. You have the right to a community that punishes child abusers harshly, and prioritizes children above all else. You have the right to a community whose laws protect the children and not the predators. No such community exists at this time. I'm writing this with the hopes that you, the children, will create one someday.

10. You have the right to truth. Your parents should never lie to you. However, your parents probably don't know the truth about institutional child abuse. The religious, financial, and military sectors that rule this world attract predators of every stripe. Predators often seek positions of “trusted authority figure”. You cannot trust most people, because they are all abused children acting out their abuses, consciously and unconsciously. There are entire industries, most totally legal, designed to lie, steal and kill. Your parents brought you into a world ruled by fear and the conspiracy of silence that follows it. There's more but you're just a kid. Welcome to Earth.

Yours truly,