The Anti-Predator App

I wrote the Children's Bill of Rights as a way to empower children, but in an age when every child has access to the internet and all that comes with it, I envision this app as something that could potentially save lives. I want to build the first ever multi-platform free phone app designed to educate children on how to protect themselves from predators and abusers, utilizing a series of interactive quizzes.

The quizzes will teach children how to avoid predators and abusers, teaching psychology, pattern recognition, self defense strategies, and most importantly, community building and mutual support. Child predators are extremely manipulative people, and simple awareness of their methods and techniques will make your children difficult targets. Schools will never teach your children about self defense, nor will the police and courts be there to protect them from predators, only to mete out some form of “justice” long after the damage has been done. Instead of more money, more guns, more police, let's give our children the knowledge, skills, and confidence to protect themselves.

Maybe you think your child is too young to hear about these things, many of which are frightening. And yet, the phone is already in their pocket. That cellphone has more knowledge than mommy and daddy ever could in a thousand lifetimes. That cellphone is a window to many worlds. We're already seeing the effects of a generation saturated in porn from an early age. That cellphone can also be a window for others to look in, gather information about your child. How different things could be if children and their communities were actively discussing cycles of abuse and self defense instead of the latest movie or sports event.

Please sign the Children's Bill of Rights for one dollar, or more if you want to help build the app. The $10k estimate is based on an app calculator that I used. But the more we have, the better the app can be, with any leftover money going to publicity and community outreach. Thanks for reading.


Please sign the Children's Bill of Rights for 1$!




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The Anti-Predator App


Please sign the Children's Bill of Rights and help build the Anti-Predator App!