The Greatest Religion in History

Are you a true believer? Before you answer that, answer this: do you know what the greatest religion in world history is?

Throughout history, every empire has a state religion. Now we currently live under the greatest military empire the world has ever seen. Thus, it follows that the state religion of our current time is also the greatest the world has ever seen. So great, perhaps, that no one even knows what it is.

The United States leads the world financially through New York City, militarily through Washington DC, and the center for global state religion is Hollywood. The United States military is hated, the Unites States dollar is grudgingly accepted, and the United States religion is eagerly consumed on every corner of the globe, even North Korea.

Its purpose is evident through the name alone, Hollywood. This religious aspect of empire has always worked in tandem with the financial and military aspects. Due in part to the novelty of a technology-based religion, the secular consumers of the first world do not understand that they have been herded into an even more powerful form of religious mind control. The populace must always be kept as intellectual children, eagerly consuming the false catharsis and engaging in a simulation of civic participation. State religion takes many forms, but in whatever guise, its power is always used to control and mutilate children. In fact, the extent to which parents can be motivated to sell, deceive, and mutilate their own children is the very benchmark of civilization. The predatory culture of the priesthood, loudly documented in our current times as well as throughout history, has not changed, nor will it despite the recent outcry. Why should they change, when state religion is at its absolute peak right now?

Particularly these days, many people know or suspect this fact but still flock to the screen to worship their idols, discerning in their own mind between the flaws and virtues of fictional personalities that have been presented to them as archetypes by their predator priesthood, Hollywood producers. Since most do not analyze the content of the entertainment they ingest, their only concept of this priesthood is the “rich sex addict” portrayal given through the media that they themselves own. Our assumptions about these producers, politicians and players allow the larger mutilation project to continue in the most calculated way possible by in part, revealing aspects of it, making plain the religious adulation, elevation, and power of the predators. The gods and goddesses that the entire population of this planet have been given to idolize are carefully chosen by this priesthood, not simply based upon who puts out on the casting couch, as you might believe. It is a consumerist religion, in which you can choose from a set of preselected products, become one of many preselected models. Like all religion, it will always be run by a male priesthood who were victims before they became predators. But still, you might believe that with all these scandals, it is really changing now, because you're watching an ongoing tv series about it really changing for real this time.

How quickly a television in every household became a Pandora's box in every child's pocket. That box in their pocket is their true authority figure, not their parents. Thanks to technology, the child mutilations will be increasingly inventive, expensive and shockingly grotesque, elevated to sacred religious artform in the media. Stranger things, indeed. And you'll see it all, every bit of it, in high definition. The revolution won't be televised, but the mutilations absolutely will be.

The state religions of old were and are the epitome of mind control, a millenia-perfected soft science barely whispered of by the cataloguing, dronish orators who populate academia. The non-integrated screen as place of worship represents a brief transitional period. The state religions of the future are and will be the synthesis of perfected mind control and advanced technology, a twisted freak show of galactic proportions as humans cram more and more technology into their flesh, as if fetishizing the crystallization of their permanent enslavement. As if you didn't know! How could you not, when you've been watching all along? So now tell me, are you a true believer?

Tox Simian 12/21/17


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